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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Five Percenters

I am very happy to report that I have lost SEVEN pounds since Saturday's weigh in, and FIVE pounds since Monday!!

I was pleasantly surprised upon stepping on the Scale of Truth this morning. I actually had to get off, get back on, then restrain from doing a Happy Dance in the bathroon.

See.... I was concerned. One of the Commandments of the program is:

Failure to do so shall result in getting the boot.

Having a degree in History, my math skills are not amongst the strongest in the world. However, I see I am well on the way to attaining the FIVE PERCENT RULE.

It has not been easy.

The lunch room at my office has four brightly illuminated Vend-O-Lard machines. You puts your money in, you takes your pick, and you takes your chances.
Out comes a cheerily packaged, cleverly disguised, serving of calories and fat. These take on the form of candy bars, cup-cakes, chips, ice-cream bars, hot-dogs, cans of liquid sugar, and so much more.

I have made my weight loss quest known to a handful of trusted ( people who won't post the information on the company web-site), responsible friends. I have given them explicit instructions:
Should you see me approaching a Machine Of Doom, they can say something, gently nudge me from the path, tackle; whatever seems appropriate at the time. The prospect of being called "Fatty Boom-ba-latty" in front of the entire lunch crowd is intimidating enough.

My Lovely Bride sent along a motivational saying, which is posted on the wall of my work space:


So far; dropping the few pounds feels a LOT better than a Snickers bar.

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