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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Momentous Day

Monday the 10th is a momentous day.
Nothing of tremendous historical importance took place. No Cleveland team won a championship. No child or grandchild was born this date.
No, none of the above occurred.
Rather, my Lovely Bride and I began our journey through life together 41 years ago on this date.
I know, I know… I can hear you already. “How can this be? You look so youthful, so young!” The fact remains; I was a child-groom.  Actually, I was barely out of my teens, and Cindy was yet in her teen years.
Yes, we were a couple of crazy kids. Yes, all the odds were against us.  But, we deeply loved each other. We were committed to one another and to the vows we took before God.
No, it wasn’t always easy. Nothing worth having is easy. It took work, it takes minimizing of self in order to encourage the other.
Can we state we have this “Married thing” down pat? Good Heavens, no! Anyone who claims they do is either a liar, or an arrogant fool.
I think back upon the years, the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears. Would I do it all again? Without question.
Would I do some things differently? Again, without question.
Our experience is no different than any other couple.
I can picture Adam sitting in his back yard, staring at the now inaccessible Garden of Eden, trying to relax at the end of a tough day pulling weeds, lifting rocks, running from snakes. Cain and Able are racing around, making all kinds of noise, one saying farmers are better than hunters. Eve is in their little post-Paradise bungalow trying to make a dinner out of leaves, nuts and berries.  It is not difficult to imagine him thinking; “By golly, I sure wish I hadn’t eaten that lousy piece of fruit. It wasn’t that great to begin with. If I ever see that no-good snake again, I’ll smash him one with a big stick!”
It is easy to picture Eve looking out the kitchen window, muttering to herself; “Look at that goof! All he had to say was ‘Eve! Get away from that snake! Here! Let me get it with this big stick!’  No, he has to say ‘Well, I don’t know. That piece of fruit isn’t all that appealing. I can take it or leave it. It’s up to you. I don’t care; either way is fine with me. What’s for dinner?’  Of all the men in the World, I get stuck with him! Wait…. He is all the men in the world. Nuts! Why me? At least I don’t have a Mother to say ‘I told you not to get involved with that Adam person.’ “
Moving forward in time, we can picture Antony heading off to rendezvous with Cleopatra on her river barge. He is all duded up; shiny brass and gold accessories, freshly pressed little skirt thing they wore, his servant even polished his sandals. Here he is, off to meet the most beautiful, wealthy, influential woman of his time. Thoughts race through his mind; “Man, I can’t wait to see Cleo again! Talk about a hottie! WOW! But, why does she have such a thing for that stupid barge? First of all, it is kinda slow. How can you water ski behind something that is just being poled along? That leads to the issue with the crew…they are always hanging around! Come on! How is a guy supposed know.. when there are all these servants and slaves hanging around? Geez, it isn’t as if we can tell them to take a walk for a couple hours.  Oh No!! I forgot my seasick pills!! Great, just great… another weekend spent leaning over the side. Man… that is a real chick turn on. Way to go, Tony ol’ boy.”
Imagine Josephine’s thoughts upon receiving Napoleon’s letter he is on his way to visit her to sooth his nerves after the debacle at Waterloo. She is primping in the mirror, listening to the latest baroque tunes being plinked away on the harpsichord downstairs…”Oh, I am so excited to see my Little Nappy again! He is such a serious little man! Heeee… all that talk about conquering Europe! How many times have I told him to stop trying to compensate for being so…ahem… little?  I don’t mind; he is my Napoleon. I just wish he would ditch that stupid hat when we are alone.”
Mark Twain is reputed to have said a young man marries hoping his bride never changes, and a young woman marries hoping her groom will change. Both parties end up being disappointed.
I look over the years, and see my Lovely Bride is as beautiful as the day we met. She has the same wonderful sense of humor. Still, I am thrilled to see the strong, wise, determined, well-respected woman she is today.  Disappointed?  Not by a long shot.
As I close, the only thing I can say is:

Happy Anniversary, Cindy!
I am looking forward to many more!

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