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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summit to Valley

A bit more than two weeks ago, or a fortnight; for my readers in the U.K., I was enjoying an extended time of Life Being Good while relaxing on the summit of some now forgotten mountain.

Within a matter of moments, I found myself plunging wildly into a valley the depths, darkness, and endlessness of such I have never encountered. This reckless ride was triggered by a phone call, from our very responsible 17 year old grandson, telling me my Lovely Bride had become suddenly, and extremely seriously ill while working out with her trainer.

It was not an overly rigorous workout, in fact, they were just warming up.  It was not an overly hot or humid day; rather it was somewhat pleasant. It just happened. By the Grace of God, the local fire station was literally next to the park they were at; the local hospital within a half mile. Still, LB was very, very ill.

I cannot say we are out of the woods; but I can feel confident in saying we are coming to the end of the stinking swamp which had threatened to consume us.  When just a few days ago, darkness was all around, with no hint of sunlight (or moonlight, for that matter) to be found. Now, the glint of brightness peeks through the leaves with  more frequency.

Our journey along this trail is far from ending. In fact, it seems as if we are just now finally preparing to leave the trail head. I try not to get my hopes too high, as several times plans had changed, or been delayed due to never-ending paperwork, forms, verification and what not.

LB would not have recovered to the state she is currently in were it not for the countless prayers of literally thousands of people around the globe. I shall be eternally grateful to every person, for every prayer offered on her behalf. It boggles my mind when I stop to consider there is a continual, 24-hour-a-day barrage of prayer upon Heaven  for her. Believers in Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Alaska... on and on... I don't know whom all of you are, however, I am very deeply indebted to each person.

We are blessed with a extraordinary support group. Our children, later-in-life-through-marriage children, our grandchildren, friends beyond number; the care, assistance, support has all be overwhelming and very humbling. I can never repay you all for your help, your warmth, your concern for the two of us. Even if it was listening to me vent, and overlooking my lack of charm at times.

I have noticed one thing interesting from the valley perspective.

Only from the valley floor can one truly appreciate the splendor and majesty of the mountains. That view is lost to us from the summit. I know LB and I will be back on the summit once again.

Until then, please keep her in your prayers and good thoughts.
I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

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