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Monday, August 5, 2013

Life with Ike

I know had they been sent, my e-mail box would be bursting it's digital seams.

Wherever I go; be it work, church, the store, even to take out the trash, the single most important question people ask of me is this:

How is Ike??

I am happy to inform you Ike is doing very well.

He is over 27 pounds, more than doubling his Welcome Home weight of 11 pounds.
He is within 2 inches of Mimi at the rear-end. Admittedly, she is a short dog; still he is
growing like there is no tomorrow.
His appetite is commensurate with his stature; it seems to be limitless.
His favorite play toy is Mimi, who still takes a great deal of delight (or annoyance) with his continual
nipping her butt in order to get her to chase him.

She will set off, grumbling and shuffling along like an old man chasing kids off the lawn, while he blissfully bounces about the house, staying just out of her reach. It reminds me of being a young-boy, walking home from grade-school and encounters with the quintessential little old cranky Italian man who would guard his lawn with a zealousness not seen since the last Templar guarded the Holy Grail.

Ike made a personal appearance at a local church festival; garnering as much attention as any of the musical acts, and making scores of new friends.
He joyously discovered Summer time festivals offer a cornucopia of toes protruding from sandal clad feet. Little toes, medium sized toes... all the way up to big gnarled grown-up toes. For a dog who fixates upon tasting exposed toes, it was Toe Nibblers Paradise. Fortunately, being a little guy, people (for the most part) thought he was adorable.

He is also developing a liking for classic and antique cars, having attended a local car cruise.
While he appreciates the restored Model T's and early Chevrolets, his true interest is in the hot rods and muscle cars from the 50s and 60s. Who can blame him? There is nothing like the sound of a big-block V-8 with trips (3- two-barrel carburetors) opening up! As far as the tuners and rice-burners are concerned, his thoughts are “Whatever....”
Regarding his ongoing education; he is learning many new things. The canine trainers refer to these as “behaviors”, I still call them “tricks”. He has “sit” nailed, as well as “down”. He will “turn right” and “turn left”. His piece de resistance, however, is while sitting, “speaking” on command, using only a hand signal. Also, he will wave “Hi” while sitting, again, solely with hand signal.

Not too bad for a four month old pup. Mimi watches with the bored expression of a journeyman plumber observing an apprentice repair his first faucet. “Great, kid! Now let me sleep.”
Ike is coming along very well. He has adjusted to our home (or we have adjusted to him) quite well.
He is constantly exploring, looking, watching. One can see the wheels and gears turning in his little brain all the time.

While in doggie development, he is approaching mid childhood, we know there is a beautiful, dignified adult dog waiting to emerge.
In good time.
Meanwhile, he found another Nyla-bone in the toy bowl Life is GOOD!!

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