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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This morning I was reminded of David Bowie.
This in and of itself is somewhat disturbing. The (unusual) British rocker has never occupied a spot in my Top 10 (or even Top 50) list.
However, having written the preceding lines “Space Oddity” is now racing around in my head like a kitten with a ball of string. GRRRR!

No, another Bowie song came to mind. Actually, it is a small part of a Bowie song. Couple this with a kitten chasing a ball of string while singing “Space Oddity”...well, if my co-workers see me run from the building while screaming wildly, you will know why.
This morning, I went to one of my favorite websites. The one I always rely upon for world, national, state and local news;

Not many truly local papers are left. Many have become outlets for the Mega-News groups. Believe it or not, some people enjoy reading about local events. Some folks look forward to reading about who earned what ribbons at the County Fair. Whose parents have left this world. Good grief, the reports from local council meetings are nearly as entertaining as the comics!
I suspected something was up when the familiar orange and brown banner was gone. It had been replaced by a stark white with “THE NEWS-HERALD” in bold black type. Ditching the colors is understandable; while this is Cleveland one (at times) prefers to distance themselves from the Browns.
I looked for the familiar little “slide show” on the left side for the top three stories. GONE!
I looked for the familiar little listing of 5 or 6 headlines. GONE!
I frantically sought the familiar little sidebar links. ALL GONE!
It was at this time, I heard the haunting refrain...”ch-ch-changes...”.
Is nothing sacrosanct?
The News-Herald, that bastion of Lake and Geauga County news and information changed their web-page?
I understand web sites need to be “refreshed” periodically to prevent them from becoming “stale”, sort of like bread in a bakery. Does this foretell of diminished coverage of local high-school football? Will the local restaurant reviews become a thing of the past? Perish the thought!
McDonald's is going to offer wings??? Ray Kroc would be rolling over in his grave; until he realized he will probably make another fortune or two. Then, wings are cool.
Our local BP stations (which were once upon a time SOHIO stations) have now become 7-11 stations. Now, one can stop and get gas for their vehicle, grab something to drink, something to eat, something from the roller grill, and find themselves getting gas again about an hour later.
Starbucks, that pantheon of specialty coffee, now offers brewed teas, iced teas, lemonade, other “ades”,
There is just something not quite right about going to a coffeehouse and picking up an “iced peach green tea lemonade”. Come to think of it, me ordering an “iced peach green tea lemonade” wouldn't be quite right either. I enjoy flavored coffees; so long as it is coffee flavor. My exotic beverage limits end with an Arnold Palmer. You know, half tea, half lemonade. Don’t even think about putting a cherry or an umbrella in it, pilgrim.
Cleveland's once daily paper (one time regarded as The flagship paper in Ohio) is now relegated to 3 days a week home delivery. Of course, if one wants to wade through tons of electronic advertisements, one can read it on-line.
More ch-ch-changes in our lives.
However, some changes are very good.
I am glad someone determined an electric starter on a car beats the daylights out of  using a hand-crank.
I am glad turning a little knob on our stove enables my Lovely Bride to make a wonderful meal without requiring the chopping, splitting, and hauling of wood.
I am glad voters realize change in office is usually a good thing. When it doesn't have such great results; well, we can change again at the next election.
I am glad that I, too, have changed. While I am not absolutely enthralled with the notion of getting older, I know I am a better person than I was before.

OH! If you are reading this Cheryl, may I offer my humble suggestion to change the colors of the web-page to Scarlet and Gray??


  1. We are definitely not cutting back on our high school football coverage or dropping our restaurant reviews. This was just a much-needed face-lift to update our site.