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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Days

Three days. A mere 72 hours.

Three days since our home was invaded, not by our offspring and their offspring; rather by all manner of insidious, sneaky, cleverly disguised "nutritional plan" busters.

The effects are still being felt.
My Lovely Bride, always the gracious hostess, purchased 11 pounds of boneless, sliced ham. My inner being rejoiced greatly at this news. She also purchased two wonderful, flaky homemade strudels. And... knowing it is one of my favorites, a lemon meringue pie. Toss in an extra large skillet of homemade cornbread (not that blue box stuff!), and the wonderful things our daughters brought; well... it was not a pretty sight.
No, it was an exquisite, beautiful, tear-inducing sight!!

Oh yeah... LB also made a couple stealth visits to Brandt's Candies in Willoughby. Just more glory added to the day.

That was Sunday. But, Monday was a-comin'.

Monday, while I was reveling in the aroma of home-made red beans, ham & rice; Lovely Bride announced, in effect:" I am not going to eat any of the left-over stuff. Too much salt and carbs, and calories for me. Enjoy!"
She then served up a grilled burger sans bun for herself, and a heaping plate of rice, beans and ham for moi. Oh yeah, I must be fair; she did take about a teaspoon of just the beans and ham to taste it.

Well, how do you do?
Do you have any idea of what 150 pounds of left over ham looks like? This is AFTER we gave our girls a quarter-ton apiece to take home! Did you know that a left-over lemon meringue pie is about 18" in diameter, and 8" tall? Somehow, the two strudels managed to morph into The Strudel That Took Over the Fridge. The corn bread?? It has it's own zip code.

I have shouldered my burden with dignity and perseverance.
The pie is now a memory. Most of the strudel has been vanquished. The ham... I think there are about 135 pounds left. The corn bread is receiving junk mail from Publisher's Clearing House.

LB has been reveling in her diligence, her dedication to her program, and steadfastness.

Me... I think I will have another dark chocolate covered marshmallow egg.

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