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Friday, March 29, 2013

Why is it?

We have been on this Lighten Up 2013 excursion for over 2 months now. I have had time to look at where I have started, my present location, and where I want to be.
So far, so good.
There have been some bumps and side tracks along the way.
Yet my weight loss GPS has not been harping "Re-calculating" or "When safe, make a u-turn."
My daily visit with the Scale of Truth is positive, for the most part.

Still.... I have pondered some things and not discovered an answer.
In the still of the night, with the soothing background music of our Bulldog snoring, I will often times ask myself:

Why is it.... that a miniscule sundae at Dairy Queen, no more than 4 total ounces of product, shows up as a 1 pound gain the next day?

Why is it....that a single 12 ounce bottle of Pennsylvania Mountain Milk corresponds to a 32 ounce increase on the Scale of Truth?

Why is it....that 98% of the well meaning people who offer "sure-fire"weight loss advice, look like the "before" photo in a Slim Fast ad?

Why is it....that no matter WHAT you do to some foods, they are still not appealing; think cauliflower.

Why is it....that consuming nearly a pound of celery, carrots, green pepper strips... only equates to a quarter pound loss of weight?

Why is it....there seems to be a zillion times more pizza joint, hamburger places, steak houses and seafood restaurant ads on TV than there used to be?

Why is it...there is always that one person in every office who eats like a lumberjack making up for lost meals, and still looks like a toothpick?

Why is it...I have never noticed the intoxicating aromas from the bakery department, the deli department, the prepared food counter, the fresh coffee bar in the grocery store until lately?

And, finally....

Why is it....that when attempting to explore these mysteries with my Lovely Bride, she looks at me as if I have turnips coming out of my ears??

Ahh... the  puzzlement's of Life.

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