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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day

Mother’s Day; images of families gathered about the elder matriarch, her children, and her children’s children beaming toward her with beatific smiles typically come to mind. If one listens attentively, the sounds of harps and angelic choirs can be heard.   Bluebirds chirp merrily in the blossom bedecked arbor, and all is right with the world.
In the real world, such is not the case.

Let’s face it; there isn’t  anyone on this planet today who can honestly say they have never had a difference of opinion with their Mother.
I only know of one little Jewish mother who could honestly say “My Son, the carpenter, is perfect!” That would be Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Can you imagine being one of His siblings? All your life you would have heard: ”Why can’t you be like your older brother? He never caused me such heartache. OY! You kids are making me meshuga !”.
You would reply:  “But, Ma… what about that time He stayed at the temple and you guys were almost home and you discovered Mr. Perfect wasn’t with you?”

“That’s different… He is a very devout boy! Not like you…at the rate you are going, you will have your bar mitzvah at 30!”

What about Mothers of other historical figures?
Can’t you just see Mr. and Mrs. Washington sitting around of an evening? She speaks up; “Dear, have you looked at young George’s teeth lately? They are a mess! How is he ever going to amount to anything with a smile like a jack-0-lantern? Now, I heard a nice young dentist has setup practice in Chantilly. Maybe you can make an appointment.”  Mr. W. (from behind his copy of the Williamsburg Blab: “Uh huh…yes dear.”

Or, William Shakespeare’s Mother:  “Billy. Billy!! Enough with the writing already! You never go outdoors. You never play with the other boys. You hardly talk with anyone…all you do is write these silly “plays” as you call them. Go outside and run in the damp, dreary, chilly English air; it is good for you.”
Genghis Khan’s Mom would admonish him: “Gengie… why must you spend all your time with these horses playing war? I am worried about you. This is so violent! What is bothering you? Come on, tell Mommy all about it. “

Can’t you just hear Napoleon’s Mother? “Nappy, you aren’t short; you just haven’t “caught up” with the other boys yet. Besides, even if you are puny… I mean short, you can still do wonderful things. Have you ever thought about being a school teacher? You have a very strong personality, perfect for teaching.”

Certainly  we all have fond memories of Mom’s advice and support. Not the “sit up straight” “don’t slurp your soup” “remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’” “if you say that again, I will wash your mouth out with soap” things…those are standard issue Mom-isms. 
The times she single-handedly put a broken heart back together. The times she was one of scant few people in the stands watching a Little League game, who can forget that. The times she told you she believed in you. How many times she said “I love you because you are you.”

To a greatly deserving, often times overlooked group without whom none of us would be here:


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