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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Confirmed

The other day, Spring was confirmed.
No, it isn't the wonderful mid 70° temperatures. It isn't any date on a calendar. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Northeast Ohio knows full well what jokesters calendars can be.

It was not the daffodils and crocuses. Yes, they do provide that initial burst of color, and promise that all is not a frozen wasteland. Yet, they tend to look most "un-Spring like" when drooping over a couple inches of April snow. Robins are year 'round residents; we see them at our feeders in the depths of Winter.

Spring was confirmed in the gray half light before dawn. Further confirmation came as the day went on in sight, sound, fragrances of evening, and sensations.

A red-winged black bird along the riverbank burst forth in his distinctive song. A killdeer flitted across the hill overlooking the river, it's "Scree-scree" cry alerting others to the presence of a marauder. Likely, a raccoon or feral cat was prowling about. Upon the fresh breeze coming in the open window, the throaty rumble of a large American made motorcycle could be heard. As it drifted away, I could envision the rider taking on the curves and hills of Reeves Road.

Spring was further confirmed in the photo my Lovely Bride took of a solitary recently hatched robin occupying the nest near our door.

The fresh air flowing through the open windows of my Jeep touched my cheek. With just the slightest bit of coolness, it affirmed Spring was here.

While walking in the metro-park that evening, I received further confirmation. The sounds of children enjoying the playground; the sight of young couples walking hand-in-hand, the myriad of violets bursting from the ground all gave testimony to Spring's long awaited arrival. Yes, I can now put away the snow shovel with confidence.

The fragrance of honeysuckle blossoms lingered in pockets along the trails; offering a sweet surprise.
Inhaling deeply, the warm, damp primal earth scents created an undertone of promise. Spring is here, Summer is coming, and Winter is gone.

Confirmation came while observing a small herd of deer browsing in the golden light of the setting Sun. Shafts of light danced upon the backs of the deer as they moved, The white of fawns gleamed as if neon.
And.... while lost in thought watching the deer, I received undeniable confirmation that Spring is indeed here.

A mosquito bite.
Two of them.
Maybe January does have it's up-side.

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