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Thursday, May 9, 2013

What If?????

The other day, I was staring out the patio doors, musing.
I do that often; stare and muse.
While it may appear as though I am idly wasting time; the wheels are always turning.
Except for when they are just sitting there idle.

I was pondering one of the great "What if???"s of Life.
Oh sure, there are the standard "What if??" questions.

What if....

The South had won the Civil War?
JFK had not been assassinated?
Alexander the Great wasn't so great?
Napoleon stayed home with Josephine rather than going to Belgium?
Superman and God got into a fight?
Al Gore had not invented the Inter-net?

I was lost in thought; pondering a much deeper, troubling subject:

What if English majors wrote hit songs??

Can you imagine?

Johnny Cash would sing "I descended with great velocity within a circular conflagration."*

The Beach Boys would extol the driving skills of "The diminutive elderly woman who resides in Pasadena"*
Of course, "Please assist me, Rhonda"* would have been a smash hit.

Hank Williams and Willie Nelson would become emotional about "Azure Ocular Organs Emitting Liquid Saline While Being Exposed to Precipitation"*

Even today, Psy would be dancing to "In the Manner of Gangnam Residents"*

And... what would Duck Dynasty be without ZZ Top's "Extremely Well Attired Gentleman"* to open the program?

Waste of time?
I think not!

"Being seated upon the ship receiving device protruding into the bay"* --now that would be a waste of time.

*(of course, I am referring to "Ring of Fire", Little Old Lady from Pasadena". "Help me Rhonda", "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", Gangnam Style", "Sharp Dressed Man", "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay")

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