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Monday, March 4, 2013

3 P Dietary Plan

Ahhh.. the weekend.
As you may have recalled from Friday's blog, I was lamenting the vagaries of losing weight.
As things worked out I wound up practicing the 3 Ps of Dieting

Pork chops

Friday evening, my Lovely Bride and I met a dear friend and her fiancee at Guido's in Chesterland. If youi have been to Guido's you KNOW of what I speak. If you have not been to Guido's, they are a definite must visit.....except when not dieting.

We were both "good", I opted for a meatball sandwich, while my Lovely Bride chose the eggplant parm sandwich. We both had a small dinner salad; more for penance than anything. Our sandwiches arrived, much to our delight. Being congnizant of what we are trying to achieve, we both took half home. Yes, they did survive until Saturday, which was the plan.
But, wait.. Pizza... there is no mention of pizza.
Our friend's fiancee ordered a large The Works pizza. Of course, this was far more than he would be able to consume. And of course, we all had to pitch in. Only one piece for each of us. But was it good!!

Than Sunday came around. I was informed a neighboring community was holding a Pancake breakfast. As our church is a couple short miles down the road, it made perfect sense to go there afterward. Plus, LB knew several people who would be there.
Pancakes... blueberry, buckwheat, French toast...Yumm....
Having been raised by parents who endured the Great Depression, two things are ingrained within in me. One, get the most bang for the buck. Two, don't waste food, because there are kids starving in (insert continent of your choice here).
Soo.... upon realizing this was an all you can snarf down gig; well, I didn't want my parents to think their constant harping, and nagging, and... I mean their teachings were for naught. Dad, you would have been proud.

But... Waterloo awaited. When I entered our home, the intoxicating fragrance of LB's pork chops filled the rooms. She had thoughtfully placed about half a ton of suculent, boneless chops, all marinated and seasoned, in the oven to bake while we were gone.
Now, these are not just ordinary pork chops. My Lovely Bride is an alchemist when it comes to transforming mere animal protein into a dish worthy of acclaim. One of our sons-in-law yearns for her pork roasts and pork chops. When they come back to visit, I know what we will be having for dinner at least one evening.

I did exercise restraint. I only had one, which was a feat for me!
I lingered in the afterglow of a wonderful dinner.

And... this morning, the Scale of Truth revealed that I am down TWO POUNDS.

Therefore, studies prove the 3P dietary program is indeed effective.

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