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Monday, March 25, 2013


Today is somewhat of a mile-stone day.

No, I am not another year older.
 My Lovely Bride and I have not had any additional grandchildren.
My Lovely Bride is not expecting.
In fact, nothing of a typical" momentous nature" has taken place.

However, I did step upon the Scale of Truth for the first time since coming down with pneumonia.
 This is more than 2 weeks without seriously observing any dietary regimen.
More than 2 weeks with an activity level approximating that of a two-toed sloth hooked on Valium was with a fair amount of trepidation I stepped upon my cool, aloof chrome and glass adversary.
Again, I was enchanted by the flashing lights, etc, etc.
Then.... the lights stopped.

I peeked between my fingers at the verdict between my feet.

Down FIVE POUNDS from prior to the Great Pneumonia Outbreak of 2013.

I would not recommend, nor even remotely suggest this as an effective weight loss program.

Now, back to semi-reality... more disciplined eating, starting to exercise (I know, I know... ease back into it.) and on we go.

Oh, I do want to thank the good people at Cabana's for being a much-welcomed, much anticipated bright spot in the midst of this program.
Only... come on, guys... I am ordering from the "light Menu".... Does it really look like I need to indulge in a gooey, yummy, chocolate laden dessert?
Ask me in the second week of August... :)

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