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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Numbers, Vita-bot, and OCD

Yesterday my Lovely Bride and I met with Cori at the Lake Health Department. She is always so pleasant and up-beat! You are doing a great job, Cori :)
LB and I were both pleased, all of our numbers are going down.. Woo Hoo!! This is very satisfying in and of itself.
The little book mark with the calorie content of various snacks will come in very handy. It has a place of honor beside my computer monitor.

However, I was a bit perplexed that "Jelly Doughnuts" are not on the "approved" snacks list. Obviously, this must have been an oversight. I am certain this will be corrected in future print runs.

Then.. the topic of "Vita-bot" came up.
Lovely Bride has been very diligent about recording her daily caloric consumption. She has created her own recipes and customized food entries to make tracking her nutritional goals simpler. She has been diligent in recording her weight, gaining the untold joy of seeing that little line trend down.
Yay for my Lovely Bride.

Me, on the other hand.... let's just say I have somewhat of a laizze-faire approach to Vita-bot.
The more my hands are off, the happier I am. This is not to imply I don't watch what I eat (I do), I am not hiding anything (my Jeep has been retrained to NOT turn into the doughnut shop on Lake Shore Blvd), I am dropping weight (no shame in recording numbers), and my clothes fit better. Simply put; I refuse to become obsessive about this.
Hey... those who know me well realize I have OCD tendencies.
Shoot, I guess everyone knows it now.

I am not about to dwell upon each mouthful I take. I am not going to analyze the caloric count, the grams of fat, and the milligrams of sodium. I don't partake of fast food, convenience food, candy bars, chips, and so on. I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, whole grains, low salt foods.

I know that on Easter, we will have ham. Therefore, I realize I will have to watch the sodium content of foods now, knowing what is in store on Sunday. I also know the potential to have larger than normal quantities of eggs present exists. So, guess what? I am watching fat and cholesterol content now.

But... micro-analyzing and recording everything?
Nope... isn't going to happen.

Besides, to my way of thinking, anything with "bot" as part of it's name just isn't natural.
Call it my inherent rebellious streak.

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