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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Little Things

Like a rash that just won't go away... I'm back!

Here we are, well into the Lighten Up 2013 program. I send my congratulations to those who have posted big losses over the past 30 days!
If any of you saw the News-Herald on Sunday, you will know I cannot legitimately claim membership in that elite group.
I tell my self "This is a marathon, not a sprint". To which myself replies; "Yeah, whatever."

But, I do delight in what I call The Little Things.

Have you ever had a pair of favorite jeans that tend to make buttoning them just a little bit of a challenge? You hold your breath, suck in stomach, pull zipper partway up in an effort to "close the gap"..and the stupid little brass button will NOT go all the way through the too-small, too-far-away button hole.
Then, one day, grasping the button, the two ends meet! Oh the Joy! Oh the Jubilation!! You have experienced an event similar to driving in the Golden Spike to complete the Transcontinental Railroad!!

Do you have a shirt, you know the one. Soft, feels great, looks great, a definite Comfort Shirt. Then, all of the sudden, one side of the garment is not as wide as the other! Upon buttoning, the fabric is stretched to the limits of the buttons. Drum heads are stretched as much as this sad imposter of your favorite shirt is!!
Then, one day, while getting dressed in the half light of morning so as not to disturb anyone, you pluck the garment from the closet. Still half asleep, you slip into the shirt, and..... the buttons meet perfectly! No gaps! No threat of launching a button like a cruise missile from your middle! Another little victory!

Belts....have you ever wondered how leather can shrink, just hanging in a closet? My shoes don't shrink, they are made of leather. But my belts shrink. It is painfully apparent belts are made of a lesser grade of hide. Perhaps it is the process which imparts this not to be desired quality upon belts. You now find yourself exploring new holes close to the buckle. Places you have never been before. It doesn't feel right... just...well, wrong.
Until, one day, weeks after having relegated the belt to the back of the hanger, you grab it. Why, you ask? Because it is the only one that matches your pants!
Resignedly, you slip it about your waist. Cinching it through the buckle; you suddenly realize, the little pokey thing fits in the original, well-used hole on the other side!!

So... while these are not as momentous as posting a big number;
as someone once said.
It is the little things in life that truly matter.

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  1. Good job, Dad! That's a bid deal!!