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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Challenge

OK... I stare at my calendar. Feb. 9-10... Sugar Creek.
A short little get away to Amish Country, scheduled prior to our commitment to Lighten Up in 2013. It lurks there, gloating.
What had orginally been conceived of as a nice, quiet "time-for-us"  trip; now looms on the horizon as a
"Gonna-blow-your-nutrition-program" ordeal.
Let's face it; Amish, Mennonite, German,and Swiss cuisine is not especially noted for being amongst the lowest of calory type in the World. Just think "Chocolates and pastries".
Envision chicken... baked, fried, roasted, awash in rich creamy gravy, nestled along side REAL mashed potatoes, melted butter cascading down the flanks of the steaming white mound. Dressing... oh wonderful, savory dressing. Vegetables bathed in every form of milk, cream or cheese imaginable. Beef roasts, hams, more potatoes...
Then... pies... wonderful, exquisite, border-line sinful pies.
Oh sure, it is easy to delude one's self into thinking "Well, we will be walking all over Sugar Creek, Berlin, Walnut Creek. I can take on a couple (thousand) extra calories. I will burn them off in no time!" Yeah, maybe if Eli Yoder hitched ME up to the buggy instead of OI' Dobbin.
I have read, and heard, of the benefits of a "diet holiday". The idea does make a modicum of logic: if you deprive yourself of the things you love day after day, week after week; you will go "bonkers" (as behavioral  psychologists refer to it), and snarf up every Snickers, Little Debbie, doughnut, and double cheese pizza in sight.
The idea of the "diet holiday" is to indulge (to a moderate extent) in those things you have eschewed once in a while. The longing and desiring, and fixating upon, and obsessing over will be moderated. Voila! One goes happily back to the rigers of the regimen.
But... Amish Country....
I will be taking a "Diet Sabbatical"

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