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Monday, February 4, 2013

Holding my own

Whew... the Super Bowl is over. I can now sleep easily knowing who it was that got the Coca-Cola!
The chili was excellant, the layered dip was addictive.... and.... the Scale of Truth awaited.
With a sardonic chuckle, the Scale awaited my arrival. It is rather un-nerving to hear one's scale chuckle. Still, I suppose stranger things have been know to happen.
Tentatively, my big toe pressed the Power button. I nervously stepped upon the gleaming glass and chrome device. The now familiar dance of the green lights completed their performance.
I stared at the numerals before me.
No change, no gain!
HAAA!! Take THAT, Scale of Truth!!
The sardonic chuckle had transformed into a snivling whimper.
Quite satisfied, I commenced to start my day.

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