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Sunday, February 3, 2013

On the brink

Here it is; Super Bowl Sunday... all the good food, the camaraderie, the festivities.
Except, my Lovely Bride and I are keepin' it down-low. Hangin' at home, waiting for the next commercial, and hunkering down.

Yesterday, upon stepping upon the Scale of Truth; I was pleased to see another 16 ounces of "too much James" had gone away. Suddenly, I was only TWO POUNDS away from dropping into the next weight level!
Saturday was a church leadership retreat, which means my derriere got an ample workout, keeping my chair from floating away to the stratosphere. Then, a wonderful luncheon of hoagies, chips and a cookie.
Very tasty stuff, yet not the absolute best choice for a weight loss regimen. I did give my chips to one of our Pastors, they are all skinny and can use the extra sodium and fat. I mean, I wanted to share my bounty with my brother. Yeah, that's it.

Today, the Scale of Truth stared malevolently (as malevolently as a machine can) from the bathroom floor. Perhaps, if I were permanently assigned to the bathroom floor, my expression would be malevolent as well.

The flashing green figures mockingly danced before me. The digits took on form and substance: 201.

I didn't drop; yet neither did I can. I would say all in all, this was a good report.

Now... Super Bowl Sunday... the aromas of my Lovely Bride's chili, a "healthy, low-fat" (uh-huh) layered dip is nearing final assembly.
A bag of low-salt tortilla chips awaits.....

Let's hope today proves to be a draw as well.

Oh the only thing I know is "GO BUCKS!"

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