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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

red beans & rice

Yesterday, I was feeling rather "yucky". So yucky, I even came home from work early.
My Lovely Bride was somewhat surprised to hear me come through the door. I perfunctorily announced my intentions of heading promptly to bed.
About 6 in the evening, I was awakened by the fragrance of simmering garlic, onion,green pepper  and other spices. I opened one eye, trying to discern the source of such a wonderful aroma.
From down stairs, my Lovely Bride called "Do you feel well enough for red beans and rice?"
Asking a red-neck if they are well enough to have red beans and rice is like asking a duck if it feels well enough for a swim.
I quickly donned appropriate apparel, and lumbered ( I don't float or skip) down the stairs.
There, on the stove, simmering away... Backwoods Antibiotic!
Red beans, rice, onions, garlic, green peppers, some cayenne peppers, bay leaves... ahhhh....
And... slices of smoked sausage swimming in the midst of it all!
A couple plates later, I was feeling great!
And... despite my day of sluggard like inactivity... I didn't gain anything!
Must be another positive side effect of red beans & rice.

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