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Thursday, February 21, 2013


There is something about awakening to a cold, gray February morning that makes one want to burrow deeper within the cozy confines of the blankets.
For such a short month... I declare it lingers for-ev-er... like a persistant cold.  Regardless, I pulled my self out of bed, determined to go about my day.
The trips to the gym are becoming regular. I am dropping more weight. In fact, between yesterday and today, I lost the equivalent of 4 more Quarter Pounders. :).
Perhaps this is going to be a wonderous day despite North East Ohio's climatic eccentricities.
Then.. two pivotal things occurred, in rapid succession to one another.
First, while inserting my contact lenses this morning, one decided the perfect thing to do would be to get caught. WAY up in the corner of my eye. Following much blinking, rubbing, and facial contorsions; I realized I would need the assistance of my Lovely Bride.
Being a kind, compassionate person, she arose from her slumber to assist in my time of need.
While talking about one another's upcoming day, she mentioned something which caused my blood to run cold.
"I will meet you here after work, and we can go to the weigh in together."
The Weigh In....
Oh... my....
guess what I had forgotten about?
I realized  with a start the numbers on the Scale of Truth don't mean diddly-do.
The only numbers that count are on Laura's ULTIMATE SCALE OF TRUTH.
She has the Supreme Court of Weigh-in Scales. The Final Arbitor, the Court of NO Appeals... this ain't gonna be pretty....
I wonder how many items of clothing I can shed before I get arrested....

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