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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Yesterday, I proclaimed my desire to commit a good part of the day to writing.
I have two vignettes to write for our church Good Friday/Easter Sunday services.
I have one book manuscript about 90% complete (and my publisher looking for "final sample chapters")
And, a second book, about 60-70% complete.

Add to this a "real job", and community commitments; my time to write is very limited.
So, that being said, my Lovely Bride vaguely mentioned how nice it would be if we went to the gym together. We could work out together!
We could encourage one another,. etc, etc.
I assumed the deer-in-the-headlights look.

My intial reaction was one of "oh happy, joy, joy." Not that I don't like spending time with her; I love to spend time with her. She is the greatest lady in the world. It's just that... well... come on. Going to the gym together?  My mind flashed back to last weekend's seminar. One thing that was mentioned was being willing to do things you don't ordinarily do. Being a guy, I had NO idea going to the gym together fell into that catagory. Surprise!

After a bit of introspection, we set off together. I must admit, I was a tad reluctant. Through a good discussion we settled the issues I had.
See, I am kind of a lone wolf. However, should one have the most rudimentary knowledge of wolves, one knows they are pack animals. A lone wolf is an aberration; an out-cast. Hmmm.... maybe referring to oneself as a "lone wolf" isn't quite so romantic after all.

With a heavy heart, I approached the treadmills. I had to sheepishly admit to her I had no idea how to start the thing. I would always use the bikes. After she recovered from the shock and hilarity, my Lovely Bride set me up with a "good warm-up". Taking off with the speed set at "barely sub-sonic" and the incline set at "Matterhorn", I was on my way. She was taking a great deal of delight in watching my heart-rate numbers climb. Occasionally, with a coy girlish giggle, she would reach over and increase the speed and/or the incline. I expressed a little concern when the heart rate indicator flashed "Imminent Explosion!". With her kind, gentle manner she encouraged me to stay with it.Her words were something like "Get moving! Come on... you can do it!" Finally, the diabolical machine went into cool down mode. I felt the incline decrease. Now I know how the Space Shuttle feels, gliding into the Earth's atmoshphere at a zillion miles per hour. It was the the longest 5 minutes of my life.
We went on to the weight machines. My time to shine :)
Then prior to heading to the showers, she decided we needed to get some more cardio in. Back to the treadmills we went. This time for a half hour. I made a mental note to make certain my insurance policy is paid up.
We began to walk... and to walk.... and walk. Approximately 12 minutes in, my right calf began to tighten up; the pre-lude to a Charley Horse. Then, my thigh began to cramp. My Lovely Bride saw something was not right; I told her about the cramping. I mentioned that I was about to ditch this and hit the sauna. Rather, she suggested I slow down the pace and reduce the incline. This made about as much sense as telling someone who just smacked their hand with a hammer to do it again, only not quite so hard. Yet, being the good sport I am; I took her advice. And, you know what?? After about 4 minutes, the pain and tightness were gone! I picked up the pace, raised the incline, and continued on. To the end.
It was later I did something fairly difficult to do. I thanked her for being there and encouraging me, telling her if she hadn't been there, I would have called it quits. She was pleasantly surprised, and grateful for my sharing that with her.
Just do me a favor, okay?? Don't let it get around, alright? I may lose my Guy-Card.
Oh yeah...I only wrote the first part of one vignette... sigh.


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