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Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of February

I awoke this morning with a sense of lightness in my heart.
A sense that all was NOT wrong with the world, the Sun will shine, and flowers will bloom again.
Even as snow flakes drifted onto my follicle challenged head, I was oddly up-beat.
I puzzled over this rare sense of joy.
Suddenly... it dawned upon me.
Today is the End of February!!
Oh Hallelujah!!
For being the shortest month of the year, it drags on, and on. It is appropriate that Groundhog Day is in February; it is just a never-ending continuing loop of sick-of-winter days.
Not that February ever did anything to me, personally.
And... it does try to present it's best side with Valentine's Day, Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays.
But... it just seems like the Eddy Haskell of months. You know the type, always trying to put on best, polite, shiniest image; but still really get's under your skin.
However, there were some bright spots throughout the month
I would like to thank Kelly and Mike Good, as well as the fine staff at Cabana's in Mentor. Their wonderful, positive support of us working our ways through this Lighten Up program is HUGELY appreciated. They have provided a weekly bright spot on an otherwise fairly bleak winter landscape.
Also, Laura has been a continual cheerleader and promoter for all of us. Another bright spot in a dreary, gray, yucky month.
Cori at the Lake County Health Department for her cheerful-ness, and excellent information. Another bright spot. Lovely Bride as she continues to encourage me, to keep bringing new, tasty, healthier meals to our table, and agreeing to take this journey together.
And, the brightest spot of all: I HAVE LEFT MORE THAN 5% OF ME BEHIND IN FEBRUARY!!
Tomorrow is the first of March... that has such a happy sound!!

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  1. congratulations on loosing more than 5% !!! whooo-weee!!